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  • Select the appropriate location for the strap to attach to the back of the carrier  
  • Center the strap left to right on the back of the carrier
  • The top of the strap should be between 7 to 9 inches from the top of the carrier.  If your kit has side panels, the strap should be attached to the mole belt that is level with the top mole belt or second to the top mole belt of the side panel (SEE PHOTO)
  • If the strap is attached too low on the kit, the patient will have a tendency to bend backwards, but if attached in the correct position, the patient will be cradled by the strap with no uncomfortable back bend.  It may take some testing on your kit to find the optimal positioning 
  • Thread the attachment straps through the mole system from top to bottom;  the attachment strap should thread through the mole on the kit, then through the mole on the strap, then back through the mole on the kit, so the attachment straps should go under two of the carrier’s mole belts
  • Snap attachment strap with snaps facing out securing the EVAC STRAPTM to the carrier
  • The EVAC STRAPTM should lay flat against the back of the carrier with very little to no wrinkling
  • When lifting, the rescuer grabs the handle between the patient's bicep and rib cage.  Lifting outside the patient's arms puts added pressure on the carrier’s mole system
  • Attempting to lift a patient with one handle could cause the system to fail

DAART-NET INDUSTRIES LLC is proud to introduce the first fast, simple, and immediately accessible accessory to evacuate injured military/law enforcement operators.  
The EVAC STRAPTM attaches to the back of an operator’s body armor kit by utilizing the kit's existing mole system thus becoming a permanent part of the operator’s body armor.  The EVAC STRAPTM provides immediate handles for rescuers to access with little to no manipulation of the patient.  The weight of the down operator is supported by the entire strap, not the stitching on the kit.  The EVAC STRAPTM takes almost no space on the body armor kit as accessories can be attached right over the top of the strap.   
The EVAC STRAPTM is not a backboard, and while the operator’s body armor does provide some measure of spinal support it is not intended to, nor does it purport to provide proper spinal support in the event of neck or back spinal injury.  The EVAC STRAPTM does claim the simplest/fastest way for two rescuers to remove an injured/down comrade from an ongoing armed encounter.  The EVAC STRAPTM supports proper lifting thus reducing the risk of rescuer lifting injury.  The EVAC STRAPTM provides a solid platform for two preferably three rescuers to easily and quickly carry the injured down flights of stairs or over rough terrain to get the injured to lifesaving medical personnel as quickly as possible.  

 Weight Capacity:  1700 lbs.

 Colors:  Black

                 OD Green

                 Desert Tan

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