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"After speaking with Doug Conrad in April I informed him of my current job and the type of work that I do. Doug was very adamant about getting this evacuation strap in theater as he reassured me it would benefit members downrange... The strap is so easy to install onto your gear that instructions were not even looked at. Once the strap was attached to my rig, it stayed securely in place with no faults for the remainder of my short stay and Country two more months. In that time we conducted four full intensity drills including Medical evacuations. Of these drills there is not a single instance of equipment failure. More so, as training went on most of the evacuations were Flawless without error, and in fact, faster. I highly recommend this piece of equipment for Personnel both in country and out of country involved in Military and law enforcement type of work."

Devin S.
Protective Security Specialist
Emergency Response
Kabul Afghanistan

"I have attended several trainings involving SWAT tactics to include extraction or (officer down drills). Over the years, several different ideas have been thought up and practiced and a lot of those ideas just didn’t seem to work or work easily. A lot of those ideas took extra equipment that you either had to carry with you in a pouch which took away storage of other mission essential items or you had to wait for the person who had the equipment to conduct the extraction. After seeing and using the EVAC-STRAPTM, the simplicity of use -it took no time at all in understanding how it worked and how useful it would be to extract an officer in an officer down type scenario. With the EVAC-STRAPTM already attached and easily accessible, every officer should have one." 

Sgt./Investigator Chad Ellis 
Washington County Sheriff’s Office 
Law Enforcement (19 years)
SWAT Team Member (12 years)
Investigator (5 years)
U.S Army (4 years)


DAART-Net Industries

"While I and some fellow Officers were attending an Advanced SWAT school, we were given the Evac strap to use and test out. Our first impression was the strap appeared to be built well and withstand the test of time and punishment. The material is good quality, and it’s sewn well. However, we were very wary of the snap buttons. We put the Evac strap onto a male Officer with an athletic build and who is larger than the average male. We did everything we could to get the Evac strap to fail. We even unsnapped one of the button snaps and attempted to lift the Officer off the ground with only one snap button bearing all the weight. We had to put the Officer back down once we saw that the threading on his plate carrier was going to give out before the Evac strap would. Besides the product being well made, we also saw how easy the product was to use. Once the product is on the plate carrier/vest, little to no training is needed to be able to use it. Definitely a well thought out and made product."

Officer Keri Smith
Pasadena, TX

"I set up a SWAT training day for several area SWAT Teams.  We drilled all our usual scenarios and tactics, but this time we were able to introduce a new piece of equipment to the teams.  During one of our scenarios we plugged in an officer down drill.  It was during this drill that the ease, simplicity, and convenience of the EVAC-STRAPTM came to light.  With very little or even no instruction, we were able to deploy the hand loops and evacuate the injured officer.  Two officers were able to quickly and easily move our “injured” officer to a safe location.  We trained with it in hallways, down stairs, with two and three officers.  We also used the EVAC-STRAPTM to load officers into an armored vehicle to remove them from harm’s way.  We had four different types of body armor to try it on; It worked perfectly on all of them.  Simple, light, economical… every operator should have one."

Sgt./Investigator Shawn Ellingson
Washington, IA Police Department
Officer (24 years)
Sergeant (16 years)
SWAT Team Leader (14 years)
Investigator (3 Years)